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How to install RF coaxial connectors and cables

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How to install RF coaxial connectors and cables

Soft cable crimping tool:
Soft cable crimping jaws can be crimped diameter Φ2.5 ~ Φ10.5 mm soft cable for all types of RF coaxial connectors.
Semi-rigid cable mounting tools:
Semi-rigid cable mounting tool for SMA RF coaxial connector mounted SFT-50-2 (RG405 / U) and SFT-50-3 (RG402 / U) and other semi-rigid cable, other types of RF coaxial connector When installing a semi-rigid cable, refer to the above tool.
Method and procedure of loading:
Flexible cable mounting method
A. Stripping: according to the size of the product drawings stripped, with a stripper tool or blade stripping can be, but not damage the cable core, inside and outside the insulation and shielding.
B. Welded inner conductor: Clamps and glands are used to solder the inner conductor to the cable core with solder with a melting point of + 125 ° C or more. Be careful not to burn the cable insulation.
C. Crimp the outer conductor: crimping the clamp with a crimping tool so that the cable shield is in good contact with the outer conductor.
D. Install the heat shrink tubing: even with blowing air blowing hot air, as the heat shrink tube can be tightened.
Semi - rigid cable mounting method
A. Stripping: according to the provisions of the drawings and stripping size, with a lathe or special tools stripping.
B. Solder: Solder-to-weld conductors with solder joints with a melting point of + 150 ° C or higher should be used. Solder-to-weld conductors with melting points above + 125 ° C.
Check: The cable assembly should be made to do contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric pressure test.